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About Us.

After our successful Kickstarter campaign, getting our watches worldwide is the next dream that we are aiming for. 
This is our story:

Craftsman. Artisan. Virtuoso. Those are the words chosen to describe us in a Singaporean-Bruneian based brand - "Pier watches". To us, things are not just to be used. "Objects" have a heart and soul. Everything is art. Everything has creativity in it. Everything is unique in its own right. Let it be indie music, B-movies, micro-brands, or TV shows that most people would not care about. 

We really do like creative stuffs as well as into creating things. We write at a desk in our office. We paint in a quiet, sunlit, studio. We practice the dance or the play without an audience until it is ready for public consumption.

The creative process can start from everywhere. An idea springing from the unlikeliest of places. Weather it is at the bus stop, or while having coffee in the comfort of our own home. During our daily routine of brushing our teeth. That particular idea just waiting especially for you.

We can relate to those feelings. We remembered ours as if it happened just yesterday. It was while we were backpacking around Europe. We were standing by the airport gate before boarding our plane. We're sure everyone knows that feeling. But then something hit us just as we were staring at our Easyjet ride. An idea. An self-revelation it would seem to engulf us for the rest of the trip.

"Eureka" - Archimedes
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No man's an island.

Pier watches is founded by us - Micheal and Edwin. We've met in university and always been mesmerised by watches. Being avid collectors ourselves, we realised that there were not much watch design choices for the people. They were the same old small sized/play safe designs. This is the reason why we wanted to make this big bad-ass Reverse Lume Pilot watch. We've talked to a lot of watch enthusiasts and they've all agreed that more organisations should produce a full reverse lume dial. Pier watches aims to be daring, to be different!

I, Micheal, completed my Business Degree and Edwin graduated in Bachelors of Economics. Dealing business internationally for 5 years, we are no strangers to business. We also have assembled a team of designers and engineers to back us where everyone is committed make this successful. With this experience and this team, we have carefully selected suppliers who can deliver Hercules at their best and highest quality even at this affordable price point.

Micheal and Edwin
Team Pier Watches