Busy yet exciting – Hercules Watch Design

At this point and time we are not at the start of our creative process in creating our watch. We feel we are more towards the middle of this process. So far, we have decided upon the design of our aviation watches. But we intend not to show it to you first. We like to be a bit of a tease. The previous weeks have been a war of emails exchange in between the main core of important people. We are keeping things rolling. Not too slow to no make progress yet not too fast that we can not keep up. But don’t let this deceive you. We kid you not, there are a shit ton of things yet to be done for our Hercules Watch Design.

A lot of things that is relatively new to us and it is exciting. Long nights do not feel like work. We yearn those long and exciting nights filled with passion. We don’t feel like its work because it is something that we want to do. Can’t beat up the body and mind of a daily basis. Who says ‘Sleep is for the weak?’ We rest well and when the sun rises, we all continue on with our journey.

Your’s Sincerely,
Team Pier Watches.